Pics: Gilbert Arenas & Dwight Howard Spend Day Planking Together

It wasn’t like the Magic were going to win the NBA Finals next year anyway, but I can tell you the Basketball Gods aren’t a fan of “Planking”.  Maybe the Magic can including “unlimited planking” in their next control proposal to Dwight Howard to try to keep him around.

When you are young and rich, you have a lot of time on your hands, so I understand “planking” at your mansions and what not.  I probably would do the same thing.

Actually I wouldn’t, but if these young guys want to Plank it out, more power to them.

Just be careful, because if you pull a T.O. and hurt yourself while “Planking” I am sure that won’t go on twitter.

Kobe Bryant disapproves of Planking, Vanessa too, since she runs things.

4 thoughts on “Pics: Gilbert Arenas & Dwight Howard Spend Day Planking Together

  • Wow..what fun…lol

  • I respect the fact they are having fun with the new “fad”, but I think they should do a little researching about the history of so-called “planking”. Slave masters use to use this method to bring slaves on slave ships to be sold. Maybe they are aware of this but being in the public eye I think is a wrong move. Then again I liken this to the use of the word [email protected]@A. As some people use this word as a term of endearment ….

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