Pics: JR Smith’s Girlfriend Britanie Girard is Tat, Tat, Tatted Up



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If Denver had a WNBA Team you know that Girard would be their starting shooting guard (does Denver have a WNBA team?  Does the WNBA still exist?).

Anyway JR Smith (or Swish or Brick depending on what day it is) is all booed up with tatted up model.

I wonder if they ever spent a day just finding each other tats?  I am sure they have tats they have forgotten about years ago.

Cute girl, I rather my women lightly tatted or not tatted at all.

Looking like New York Graffiti isn’t my thing but everyone has different tastes.

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    • Concur… Not for your everyday 9 to 5’er but PERFECT for Body Piercer/Bartender/Model/MyTatsareHotterthanMyMans Chick!!!

      They make a “cute” couple!

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