Pics: Lebron James Has Six Toes Allegedly


I am not going to pretend this is relevant to anything except that people are talking about it.

I’ll let Deadspin take it from here.

UPDATE: blogger Matt Moore tweets that he just counted LeBron’s toes and that there were “definitely five toes.” We’ll have more on this breaking story at 11.

UPDATE 2: The Basketball Jones, the Woodward and Bernstein of Toegate, have another picture that just complicates this further. Looks like five toes, but it seems that one’s missing. Any podiatrists reading? Explain this.

Skip Bayless will surly to have fun with this. Maybe Lebron is really the one from Avatar not Chris Bosh.


  1. WOW i would like to c that (sixth foot)n person maybe i should get free seats to a game next season and im only 11. ok thatz all bye,i would really b sad if i didnt 🙁 ……….

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