More Wild Heat Rumors..Erik Spoelstra Dating Former Heat Dancer Nikki Sapp?


This comes from, Terez is considered the source of the Delonte West sleeping with Lebron’s mom rumors from last year.

According to Terez, Spoelstra is running some isolation plays on a former Heat cheerleader.  Here are the details.

Miami Heat Head Coach is a direct disciple of Pat Riley…and even though he doesn’t share Riles’ looks, he does know how to attract the ladies..Here’s Eric Spoelstra’s on and off again girlfriend…but unfortunately I can’t reveal her name..

It was a tip that was predicated on total anonymity for the girl in question..I’ll tell you this though, she’s a Miami Heat Dancer.

It appears that Miss Sapp danced for the Heat until 2009, but is no longer with the team in a professional sense at least.

No word from Stephen A. Smith if this is the reason that Spoelstra refuses to put Lebron on Dirk late in the 4th quarter.


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