Pics: Serena Williams Speaks About Her “Hot Body & Booty” to People Magazine


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She is being spotlighted in People Magazine 2011 Hot Bodies.

Here is what she had to say.

When did you realize you were not built like most athletes?

I was 17, playing in the US Open, and this one lady said, “You need to wear a better bra.”  That’s when it clicked for me that I was really curvy. A DD chest is not what you normally see in the locker room.

What do you get the most compliments on?

It’s all about my butt.  I like Brazilian-cut bikini bottoms in the back.  Some people think it’s too small, but I’m like, “Whatever!”

Do you get insecure about any areas?

Sometimes my stomach poufs out a little bit, and I feel like my legs aren’t as tight as I like them to be.

How do you feel when you are photographed on the beach in your bikini?

In the beginning it was weird, but I’m ok with it.  I represent ladies who want to be healthy and not starve themselves.

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