Professional Athletes and Twitter Beef..PLEASE End the Lockout

It’s probably not a good thing that I get 95% of all breaking news from Twitter but, hey, what’s a girl to do. I like Twitter. The downside is that Twitter gives a voice to every hack, hater, apologist, “journalist”, fan, groupie and casual observer on the planet. That can certainly be a positive, however Twitter has allowed people that normally wouldn’t speak up in public with a gun to their head to spew unintelligent rants all over reasonable people.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I believe in having an opinion. I also believe in having the right to express one’s opinion. I do not believe in being plain old nasty or argumentative for the sake of being nasty or because your life sucks. If I tweeted someone saying “Wow, you must be unattractive since you cropped your head out of your avi”, how would that go over? It’s my opinion/thought, right? But does that make it ok? No.  Why do people so comfortably take personal shots at people’s wives, husbands, mothers, kids, friends, jobs, marital status or appearance?  Yes, you have freedom of speech.  You also have the right to remain silent.  Most people have trouble determining when to properly apply those options.

Earlier this week, LeSean McCoy found it necessary to call Osi Umenyiora “overrated n soft” via Twitter. End the lockout. Not to be outdone Umenyiora responded swiftly calling McCoy a “Chihuahua” and “Lady Gaga” and went on to say, “She can say whatever he wants about it.” VIA TWITTER. End the lockout. I would be less perturbed by this if I believed for a second that McCoy would say any of this to Osi’s face.  Allow me to paint a picture.

LeSean McCoy is shopping for a new pair of Bruno Maglis in Neiman Marcus.  He looks up and sees Osi Umenyiora trying on a new pair of Versace sunglasses.  Unable to resist the prime opportunity LeSean strolls over to Osi:

LeSean McCoy:  Hey there, Osi.  You’re kinda soft.

Osi Umenyiora:  Oh yeah, Lady Gaga?  Well, you look like a chihuahua.

The only way to follow that up is to start telling spot yo mama jokes.  And THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.  That still hasn’t stopped two professional athletes from arguing in 140 characters or less. Roger Goodell, PLEASE end the lockout.

TwitterBeef is not a good look and it’s even less appealing for those over the age of 15. Here’s a free tip for all of you attractive, rich, sexy football guys.  The next time you get an opportunity to beef via Twitter, don’t. Step away from the keyboard.  Save your beef for the football field. And I beg, please end the lockout.

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