Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend Pics, Claudia Sampedro Half Naked Taz Angel

While Kim Kardashian is acting like Kate Middleton with Kris Humphries playing the role of Prince Williams, lets not forgot about our man Reggie Bush.  Kimmy wanted to marry Reggie, but Reggie similar to a halfback dive, decided to run out of bounds on the proposal.

That either makes Reggie very smart or very stupid, depends on how you look at the situation.

In the interim while not putting his foot in mouth on twitter or being on reality shows, he has been seeing Miss Sampedro.  She is a Taz Angel which are some Twodels that promote lingerie or something irrelevant like that.

Here is some more info according to

Miss Sampedro, a 21-year-old Cuban-born swimsuit, glamor and lingerie model, also works for one of Miami’s top plastic surgeons as a doctor’s assistant.

An assistant to a plastic surgeon? Does that mean she gets discounts on enhancements?

After reviewing the pics who would you prefer?

Kimmy or Claudia?

I wouldn’t mind both in a threesome, but I digress.

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15 thoughts on “Reggie Bush’s Girlfriend Pics, Claudia Sampedro Half Naked Taz Angel

  • He sure knows how to pick ’em *Sarcasm*

    • he sure do

  • ill mazrry her

  • Both are hot as hell but I’d go with Taz

  • Kim Kardashian was an curvacious angel before she put on all that make up… now her skin is messed up.

    Claudia Sampedro has great skin so I vote for her.

  • Thanks for helping out, wonderful info. “I have witnessed the softening of the hardest of hearts by a simple smile.” by Goldie Hawn.

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