Sandro Duval Arrested For Impersonating NFL Player Chris Houston Again


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Sandro Duval doesn’t seem to get it.  He has been arrested multiple times for impersonating NFL player Chris Houston.  He is a con man but not a very good one.

In one night he claimed to be Chris Houston, Chris Gamble, Lil Wayne’s Manager and Undercover FBI Agent while taking his fake baller talents to South Beach.

As you can imagine it didn’t turn out too well, Bossip has the details.

Duval arrived at the club Play pretending once again to be Chris Houston.

Once in the club, Duval chatted up some foreign businessmen from France and Saudi Arabia, claiming he was Lil Wayne’s personal manager.

By the end of the night, their table had racked up a $15,000 tab and Duval was looking at a personal bill of $2,600. He attempted to get someone else to cover his split by telling them that he couldn’t understand why his card was declined and that he would have the cash in the morning.

When that didn’t work and his rich companions left, Club Play’s management staff confronted Duval, who then told them that he was Chris Gamble of the Carolina Panthers and that if they allowed him to leave, he would return with the cash in a few minutes.

Miami Beach Police had been called to the scene. Duval continued to plead his case outside, attempting to call someone to come cover his tab, etc. But none of it worked. He even went so far as to tell the cops that he was an undercover FBI agent out of West Palm Beach, working on a case. He was finally taken into custody and is being held at Miami-Dade County Jail on charges including grand theft and attempted credit card fraud.

Must be a sad life pretending to be someone else all the time.  You would think after Sandro was arrested the first time, that if he was going to try to con people again, he would find another player to pretend to be and a different location.

I am pretty confident that in six months we will be writing the same story about Sandro, so I will just keep all of this on file.

4 thoughts on “Sandro Duval Arrested For Impersonating NFL Player Chris Houston Again

  • I know this guy! he a is a fake! trust me! This guy went to palm beach central and john I. He never played football at either school. he also is good at telling friends he can run a 4.3 yeah right! He lives at home with mom and dad who are Christain people. Father is a preacher. This guy is such a liar and has always been one. He started the roomer of summer of 2008 saying that he is going to e playing at FSU THATS when the first iphone came out. He continually lie to women just to have sex with them and he hangs with ballers but he is not one. Sandro is from Palm Beach County.. Trust me alot of people home here in palm beach county knows this guy for lieing.. HA it finally caught up with you how sick can you be.. Fake it untill you make it well you didnt make it you should get a facial change. ( face off) do that you do good with that! FAKE ASS NIGGA!

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