Shaunie O’Neal: “I was Offered Shaq Sex Tape”…Video Has Been Erased


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No one really knows if this sex tape exist since no one has seen it besides the man who was trying to sell it Robert Ross and he is proving to be a shady character.

Shaunie O’Neal said he tried to sell it to her, so she would have leverage in her divorce proceedings.

A rep for Shaunie O’Neal tells TMZ … the man making the sex tape claims, Robert Ross, set up a meeting with Shaunie back when she had split from Shaq … and offered to sell her the tape.   Ross claims the tape shows Shaq with other women while he was still with Shaunie.

Ross claims Shaq would bring women to Ross’ home and a security camera captured the action.

Shaunie says she never saw any footage — and can’t confirm if it actually exists — but says she turned Ross down flat because she “wanted nothing to do with it.”

The million dollar question is…………

Where is the tape now?

According to Ross it has been erased.

A Los Angeles music producer confirmed last week in a preliminary criminal hearing that at one point he had a tape from his home security system of Shaquille O’Neal having sex with a woman, but that it had been recorded over.

Asked by a prosecutor if he really had such a video at the time of an alleged attack and kidnapping, Robert Ross replied: “It was over. It was gone.”

Did he record over it with a Kobe sex tape?

The whole situation sounds suspect.  I don’t know who to believe but the truth is always somewhere in the middle, the best news for Shaq is he isn’t included in the criminal complaint, so he can plead ignorance.

I wouldn’t say he is totally innocent, but if there is no evidence, can’t accuse him of anything.

I told you Shaq’s post retirement would be interesting.

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