Ship That Buried Bin Laden USS Carl Vinson to Host NCAA Basketball Game

Yes, you read it right!

Officials from the Navy, the NCAA and Morale Entertainment met on Tuesday to discuss plans on making a major college basketball game on aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

The Carl Vinson played a key role ever since the September 11th attack targeting al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. It was also the ship that was on site when Osama bin Laden was buried at sea.

If  the “Carrier Classic” is approved the Carl Vinson will be first carrier to host a NCAA basketball game. It will also be the first televised basketball game of the season for ESPN, who agreed to air the game if negotiations are finalized.

The game would potentially host Michigan State and  University of North Carolina on Veterans Day, November 11. The game would be held on the top deck of the Carl Vinson at the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego at about 4 p.m. PT.

The three parties are still ironing out details on weather conditions, building the basketball courts, security issues and fitting more than 7,000 fans on the ship.

If that didn’t “wow” you enough former UNC star Michael Jordan and former MSU star Earvin “Magic” Johnson are the honorary captains for the game.

If the “Carrier Classic” is approved there are talks on having more match-ups including the Notre Dame and Ohio State women’s basketball teams.

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