Stripper Claims Allen Iverson Had Her “Sprung”



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Unlike most people I don’t any issues with strippers.  It is just a job, no need for people to get overly judgmental because you aren’t fond of the scantily clad women sliding down a pole.

With that being said you can always count on strippers saying these things, when people question their profession.

“I make more in one day than you do in month.”

“I date ballers, doctors, lawyers & politicians.”

They turn into Lebron James at a post game press conference when they feel they are being slander.

Anyway we have a stripper who claims that A.I. made it rain on her, she should be more careful about who she shares her information with since they snitched and released this.

Here is a NSFW pic of the stripper Latasha (CLICK TO SEE PIC)

She looks like what you expect a stripper to look like, she has an interesting tattoo considering her profession.

Some are saying she is the reason Tawanna refiled for divorce from A.I., I doubt that, this is standard protocol for most players.


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