Tattoo Wars: Rick Ross’ Cazal vs. Deshawn Stevenson Abe Lincoln


Rick Ross got a new tattoo today Yay!!! Tattoos are really cool. They’re edgy! They make a statement! They allow you to express your true self, right? Soooo… you want to know what the tattoo is? It’s the Cazal eyewear logo. Under his left eye. Yup.

Don’t get me wrong, sunglasses are my third favorite accessory behind shoes and purses. I have an amazing collection of vintage shades. I’d endorse them if I could. But there is no amount of money that would get me to tattoo the logo anywhere. Anywhere. And I’m a fan of the tattoo.

The good thing about Rick Ross’ tattoo is that it makes THIS one look tame:

Self expression is great. Just know what you are trying to express BEFORE you get to the tattoo parlor, please. Thanks.


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