The Worst Professional Sports Franchises

Fans far and wide are suffering daily from “bad owner”, one of the most crippling diseases known to team sports.  B.O. has affected no community like that of the sporting world, often leaving franchises in a state of disarray that takes years to overcome.

The resignation of Donnie Walsh from the New York Knicks is just the latest case of b.o. Amazingly, Walsh’s arrival to New York was considered a short term cure to the b.o. stench of Knicks owner James Dolan it has been said that the only way to temporarily or long term solve b.o. is to hire a competent general manager.

Here are some professional franchises that are currently suffering from b.o.

New York Knicks – Prior to this season, it had been ten years since the Knicks were in the playoffs.  Since Dolan assumed control, there have been seven coaches, two winning seasons, and a ton of bad moves.  NBA commissioner David Stern once said “they’re not a model of intelligent management” in assessing the Knick franchise.

Dolan stood by while Isiah Thomas toggled between horrible and terrible roster crippling moves.  Adding insult to injury, sexual harassment charges levied against Thomas left Dolan liable for three million dollars to his accuser.  All of that and Dolan still takes advice from Isiah to this very day.

Los Angeles Clippers – The b.o. fumes that emit from the Clipper organization are by far the worst in the NBA and maybe the entire realm of sports.  No owner has prospered in ruining his franchise as much as Donald Sterling.  He’s notoriously cheap with player signings and has exhibited a careless attitude for the franchise.  Four playoff appearances in the last 30 years constitute the extent of the Clippers success under Sterling.

To reinforce how terrible they’ve been just know that a draft lottery without the Clippers happens less often than a leap year.  Making matters worse, Sterling is just a loathsome human being having been sued for sexual harassment and housing discrimination as well as being accused of racism.  Not to mention, Sterling refused to pay for an out of network surgery that then Clipper assistant coach Kim Hughes needed for his prostate cancer.

Los Angeles Dodgers – It’s gotten so bad in Dodger land that fans have actively begun to recruit Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to buy the storied franchise.  Dodger owner Frank McCourt, on the heels of a nasty divorce has struggled with the ball club’s expenses to the extent that he had to take out a loan to cover the team’s payroll.

McCourt is currently in litigation with his ex-wife Jamie McCourt over franchise ownership while the Dodger organization is being sued by the family of Dodger Stadium beating victim Brian Stowe.  Major League Baseball recently appointed an overseer to the team effectively temporarily seizing the franchise from the embattled owner.

Oakland Raiders – Al Davis isn’t cheap, struggling financially,  or clueless.  However Davis is old and stubborn.  Rather than ceding control of day to day operations to an entrusted official, Davis has opted to remain involved thus dragging the team to abyss in his wake.

Too often Davis has exercised his power in player personnel decisions and too often he’s missed on that player.  Recent Davis ordered draft picks Jamarcus Russell and Darius Heyward-Bey are examples of failed decisions by the creepy one in his hopes to restore the deep ball days of yester decade.  Further impeding any chances of a Raider revival is the revolving door of coaches that franchise has gone through.

While there are other franchises that are starting to give off a not so pleasant aroma, the franchises spotlighted here are notorious as the stinky kid in your kindergarten class. Barring an extreme makeover starting at the top, it’s more than likely you won’t want any of these rancid owners sitting next to yours.  You never know if they’re contagious and I’m sure you and fans alike don’t want to find out.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Professional Sports Franchises

  • Put the Buffalo Bills on the list for Worst Professional Sports Franchises. Missed the NFL playoffs for 11 straight years. Have only made the playoffs 4 times since their last Super Bowl appearance in the 1993 season. Have a miserly, elderly owner who refuses to sell the team, leaving the fans with great fear the team will move after his death.

  • How you could forget the Mets is absolutely beyond me but this is a good list for starters.

  • How could you leave the Atlanta Spirit group off the list? They stink worse than horse excrement in July. They lost Black and Blue Land. The Thrashers had five brothers on the team and nobody knew it, in Atlanta, the black metropolis. Plus they overpaid for Joe Johnson, a good, nowhere near great player. The suck more than vacuums on “Basketball Groupies.”

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