Time for a New Golf Star to Emerge

The Tiger-less US Open 2011 teed-off Thursday morning and now I face the dilemma of whether to watch it or not. Because, lets be honest, how many of us non-hardcore golf fans will still watch the US Open without Tiger?

*Waits for a show of hands*

That’s what I thought.

Everyone knows that golf became popular when Tiger stepped out on the scene back in 1996. TV ratings don’t lie.

With Tiger not in action – and him not playing the way he use to – its time for a new star to emerge to keep the people’s interest in the sport.

We all thought that that potential star was going to be Rory McIlroy, the 22-year old from Northern Ireland who dominated the first three rounds of the Master’s back in April. But that went out the window after he choked in the final round after going in with the lead.

He finished the first round in the lead, but I still don’t trust him enough to win the tournament.

I know golf has a few big names out there other than Tiger, i.e. Phil Mickelson, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood, K.j. Choi.

But Junebug who stay off Bankhead Highway in Atlanta don’t know who these guys are. But he know who Tiger Woods is.

So someone needs to step up and be that next star so Junebug and other non-hardcore golf fans can start paying attention to golf again.

I know Tiger will return to the green again, but Tiger is 35-year olds and has bad knees. No one knows if Tiger will ever play like the “pre-Thanksgiving 2009 Tiger.” He hasn’t won a tournament since 2009 and many wonder if he will ever win again.

If the PGA wants to get its TV ratings back up they better hope and pray someone shines this weekend. If not, golf might be in a little trouble.