Tony Parker’s New Paris Lady..She is No Eva Longoria


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The title is a bit misleading.

Looks aren’t everything, a lot of time the most beautiful women are the hardest ones to deal with.   Parker seems to like his ladies a little plain (you see Brent Barry’s Ex Wife right?)


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This new girl looks like the less monstrous version of Khloe Kardashian.

Here are few details of their rendezvous.

Enjoying his singlehood, Tony Parker was spotted out with a lovely lady in Paris, France earlier today.

The NBA stud and his special friend left Tony’s hotel this morning, and the mystery woman was wearing the same clothes as the previous night.

Tony is in Paris checking out the French Open and I am sure this is just one of his many Paris jumpoffs.

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7 thoughts on “Tony Parker’s New Paris Lady..She is No Eva Longoria

  • Robert, I think Tony Parker girlfriend is pretty, you don’t have to look at her, so what are u talking about. And as far as Khloe there is nothing wrong with her as long as Lamar like her that all that matter.

    It seen like you have a comment about everyone girlfriend how come we haven’t seen a picture of “YOURS”

    • She isn’t his girlfriend and I like Khloe.

      Did you not even read the 1st sentence of the article?

      • I dont think she read her comment let alone yours lmAo ha!

  • Rob, I guess I didn’t I was at work, Mr. Charlie was coming my way, so I had to speed read. I’m sorry Rob, I hope you accept my apologize.

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