Tupac Shakur Would Be 40 Today..My Top 5 Pac Songs of All Time

I don’t believe in having idols and I believe that role models should be your parents not athletes, entertainers or musicians.

With that being said Tupac was my idol growing up.

I didn’t have anything in common with him, but it was something about the duplicity of his personality that spoke to me.  He wasn’t the greatest lyricists or had the tightest production, but when he rapped it was like he was speaking directly to you or to put it another way, he was pouring his soul into the words.

It affected me when he was murdered, it still bothers me.  He was destined for much bigger things than being a rapper.  He would have turned 40 today (that is so hard to believe, I feel so old) and in his memory here are my Top 5 Pac songs of all time (so many to choose from).

1- So Many Tears

2- Pain

3- Starin’ Thru My Rearview

4- Against All Odds

5- Hit em Up

3 thoughts on “Tupac Shakur Would Be 40 Today..My Top 5 Pac Songs of All Time

  • I still feel the goosebumps when I listen to Hit’Em Up.

  • Happy B-Day Pac love him so much still cant believe he’s not here. Have all his Cds n music on my Ipod. My kids r his fans,when they were young i play his music all the time they feel the same way i do. I cried like a baby when i hear he die,he spoke bout wat was n still going on in our community. MISS U ALWAYS U STILL LIVE ON N MY HEART I CANT FORGET UR PAIN CAUSE IT WAS MY PAIN U HELP MY SOUL!!!!!

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