UNC Football Players Rack Up $13k In Parking Tickets

News came out yesterday that a group of Tar Heels football players collected more than $13,000 in parking citations over a 3½-year period.


Now I know I’m no angel when it comes to following traffic laws, but I know not to park in a handicap parking space.

Here’s the story from ESPN.

The documents show that the players combined for 395 citations between March 2007 and August 2010, though the records don’t specify which players received each violation. The citations ranged in penalty from $5 for improperly displaying a parking permit to $250 for parking in a fire lane or in a handicapped parking space.

The total amount of the citations was $13,185.

The university said in a statement that the citations include records for 11 players requested by the media as well as an additional player, whom the school said had 68 tickets. The school said not all of the 11 players requested by the media had received tickets but didn’t specify which citation belonged to which player.

Of the 395 citations, the school said 30 remain unpaid.

I think the university should add Parking 101 to the curriculum because this is just ridiculous.

One thought on “UNC Football Players Rack Up $13k In Parking Tickets

  • Yep! football players think they are above everyone else. We love your talent but being disrespectful only leads to a downfall of your career. Young men don’t have the attitude of “they need me to run this ball”. You are building your character. Its no reason to go to jail over a ticket. Stand and be a good citizen and follow rules. Thank you for this article.

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