Video: Bella Gonzalez Says Pacquiao Made Shane Mosley His F*cking B*tch


I am all for your lady holding you down, but was a line crossed here?

We all know that Shane Mosley put on a horrible performance against Manny Pacquiao.  We also know that Shane wanted to quit on his stool, but how do you feel about his girlfriend Bella Gonzalez screaming at him these words of encouragement in Spanish?

“He is making you his f*cking b*tch”

I don’t know if Shane knows Spanish, but even if he does do you consider this motivation.  She definitely wasn’t lying.

As a member of the male species the one thing you never want is your lady thinking another man is punking you.  The theory goes that she will never have respect for you, if you are being “b*tched” by another guy.

This is why there are so many fights and murders unfortunately over women.

I am sure the $6 million dollars plus that Shane Mosley made to run away from Pacquiao helped Gonzalez get over it, but in reality is that something that easily forgotten?

It is one thing to go out on your shield, women respect a gladiator win, lose or draw, but what about a coward?

In a few months if you hear that Shane and Gonzalez have broken up, you can thank Manny Pacquiao left hook for it.


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