Video: Bob Arum Says Mayweather Turned Down $65 Million to Fight Pacquiao

The first thing you need to know is that you can never trust anything that Bob Arum says.  Arum is every bit the hustler that Don King is, so take his words with a grain of salt.

Boxing is built on promotion and Arum is one of the best promoters of all time.

I am sure whatever Singapore was offering wasn’t just a straight 65 million dollar check to Floyd Mayweather or that it was simple as Mayweather turning down a proposal.  Arum knows how to manipulate the media and public, he tricked 1.25 million people into buying the Mosley vs. Pacquiao PPV, so he is good at what he does.

With that being said, Mayweather by not fighting Pacquiao no matter where the location would be at, is turning down at minimum a $50 million dollar payday.

Doesn’t matter if the fight is in Singapore, Dallas Stadium, Las Vegas or the Moon, that is a lot of money to turn your back on.  I disagree with Arum that everyone in boxing thinks Pacquiao would beat Mayweather, from a pure boxing standpoint, Mayweather’s style and skills are tailor made to beat someone like Pacquiao.

I do agree with Arum in that I doubt the fight ever happens and if it does it won’t be a prime Mayweather or Pacquiao and that is a sad for boxing fans worldwide.

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