Pics: Brittany Richardson The Lady Reading Steve Nash’s Text Messages

I put on my detective hat and got the ID of this cutie sitting with Steve Nash during the Heat vs. Mavericks game

Brittany Richardson ( @iamBrittanyv ) is the beautiful young lady that Steve Nash lets read his text and/or Tweets

What we also found out is she is 22 years old and is the woman that Nash has been vacationing with since he broke up with his wife Alejandra Amarilla. Do not believe the rumor that Nash left his wife because Jason Richardson father a child by his wife, that simply isn’t true.

My followers on twitter can’t seem to make their mind what is the young lady nationality is, but I know the one race she is in.


Apparently also she knows who is the greatest player of all time and it isn’t Lebron (take that Scottie and Kareem)

Pimp on Steve, Pimp on…..

14 thoughts on “Pics: Brittany Richardson The Lady Reading Steve Nash’s Text Messages

  • LMAO Why do people want to know her nationality? I’m pretty sure she’s american.

  • Why he not me? I am single and very hot.

  • She is black and white.

  • Yep, it was reported a few months ago that she’s black/bi-racial. Look thru her photos on Twitter, she got a picture of a black man with whip marks on his back. The caption said that the pic reminds her of where she comes from and inspires her. A lot of her family and friends seem to be black.

  • Who’s the girl behind Nash? She’s more hot!!!

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