Video: Bryan Stow Aruging With a Dodger Fan Before Brutal Beating


TMZ unearth this video of Bryan Stow getting into it with a Dodger fan before he was brutally beaten on opening day. Here are the details.

The short clip shows Bryan Stow in the bleachers at the Dodgers/Giants game on opening day, waiving his arms in what appears to be the tail end of a verbal confrontation with a man wearing a Dodgers jersey. The Dodger fan has his finger right up in Stow’s face.

The man in the Jersey is not Giovanni Ramirez — the suspect in the beating who is currently being held on a probation violation. Ramirez insists he wasn’t even at Dodger Stadium at the time of the attack.

The LAPD are going to look really bad if Ramirez isn’t the right the guy in this case.  He is a career criminal, but if they have accused him of a crime he didn’t commit, will make them look incompetent.


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