Video: Chicago Radio Show Makes “Chris Bosh Are You Gay?” Song

I never thought Chicago would stoop to Cleveland style levels of saltiness, but I think I have underestimated the amount of hate the Miami Heat have across the country.

I am not a hypocrite, a lot of people including myself make fun of Bosh’s feminine like mannerisms from time to time, doesn’t mean he is gay, he is just Chris Bosh.  We all have mannerisms that if the camera was on us 24/7 people would pick up on. Bosh to his credit doesn’t seem to be bothered by the jokes.  I respect him for that because for the majority it is all in good fun.

If he is comfortable with who he is, that is all that matters, not what any of us thinks.

I have always heard he is a nice guy, nothing more, nothing less.  What he does after the 4th quarter is his own business.

Even if he was gay, he did a nice job outplaying the front court of the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals, so what does that say about them?  Maybe they should make a video asking if “Boozer is a Power Forward”.

To be honest this video is pretty gay.

H/T Ballertainment.

David Stern doesn’t approve of this post.

6 thoughts on “Video: Chicago Radio Show Makes “Chris Bosh Are You Gay?” Song

  • Didnt the Nba just put ouit that commercial about using the word gay to mean stupid? Lol this song is hilarious. THen at the end they said this does not reflect how we feel about gay people. HAha classic, O ue #LEts Go Mavs

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