Video: CM Punk With One of The Greatest Shoot Takes in WWE Raw History

I never trust anything in wrestling EVER.

This could all be a set up, like we have been set up and fooled many times over the years.  Could be an angle, to help CM Punk be pushed to superstar status.

With that being said there have been times when Wrestlers have broken from the script, if this is one of these times CM Punk has dropped one of the greatest shoot monologues ever.

He takes shots at John Cena, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Triple H, The Fans, USA Network and anyone else within ear shot.

A “shoot” for you non wrestling fans is sort of like ab libbing in a movie.  The difference it there is no one to say “cut” if it starts to go off the train tracks.  It comes from the phrase “straight shooter”, meaning you are telling the truth.

Punk has been suspended by the WWE (we don’t know if it is a fake or real suspensions), but I am sure he feels it was worth it.

4 thoughts on “Video: CM Punk With One of The Greatest Shoot Takes in WWE Raw History

  • That gets the Flava Flav “WOW!!!!!!!”

    Please let this be real.

  • Didn’t know you were a wrestling fan Robert.

    To clarify a shoot promo is like breaking character or the fourth wall in wrestling.

    Anyways it was great to see something interesting on Raw. Most of what CM Punk had to say was true. It’s a shame he will be leaving.

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