Video: Dwyane Wade & Lebron James Mocking Dirk Nowitzki’s Illness

Our friends at (love the site name) unearth this video of Wade and James having a little fun at Dirk’s expense (at 1:10 mark).

In general making a little fun at someone isn’t a big deal.

But when you are portrayed as “Hollywood As Hell”, you might not want to annoy the Basketball Gods.  Especially when Wade is always milking injuries and Lebron is a supreme flopper.  The Basketball Gods took their wrath out on D Wade (he got hurt) and Lebron (2 points in the 4th quarter).

Any time you are up against an elimination game it is a big deal, for the Heat the pressure is even higher.  If they lose in either Game 6 or 7 this will haunt them for a long time.

For Lebron, false rumors will be the least of his worries if the Mavs win this series.

13 thoughts on “Video: Dwyane Wade & Lebron James Mocking Dirk Nowitzki’s Illness

  • Scotty Pippen are watching the series???? ANY WORDS NOW PIP????

  • wade made a bad choice following the court jester LeChoke,talk about a couple of fools!

  • Haha, good article. The video has been taken down unfortunately.

    The basketball gods definitely are not on the heats side, and I think this team is going to learn quickly that a strong team foundation is what wins games, not strong individual talent.

    Site bookmarked for future reading.

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