Video: Gregg Doyel Says Lebron Shrinks in 4th Qtr..James Replies With Ether?

The question by CBS Sports Gregg Doyel in general was this:

In the 4th quarter you aren’t doing much, are you shrinking in those moments?

Lebron’s answer.

I don’t think Lebron is shrinking, I think this is exactly what Lebron wanted when he took his talents to South Beach.  He needed Wade, because deep down in his soul he isn’t a killer.

Not the kind that can single handily win a NBA Finals.

It isn’t his fault he skill set no matter how much he tries to hide it, is of a point guard (look at the beautiful pass to Chris Bosh for game winning shot).

Wade is a KILLER, doesn’t care about hurt feelings or making anyone happy.  When he sees blood he is like a shark in the water.

Wade is Jason Voorhees and Lebron is Freddie Kruger.

Together they are two games away from a championship.

7 thoughts on “Video: Gregg Doyel Says Lebron Shrinks in 4th Qtr..James Replies With Ether?

  • I was very critical of Bron for how he approached free agency. Many pro athletes in his position would try to hog all the glory as being the man on his own team. I think he was able to see his own shortcomings and he has been very good in sharing the spotlight with Wade and allowing Wade to shine on his own. He had to humble himself going to Miami, and I think he has. He has been able to continue to improve as a defensive player. I have said before that LeBron is at his best when his entire skill set can be on display. I don’t think he is truly at his best when he is scoring 30 points a game. 24-25 points a game with 7 boards and 7 assists are more his style, in my opinion.

  • Abdul is right. Lebron is a facilitator, and Dwade is a closer.

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