Video: Kemba Walker Gets Freaked on By White Girl After NBA Draft

Lets go through our checklist.

Crying at the NBA Draft: CHECK

Interview thanking God for the opportunity: CHECK

Hitting up club later: CHECK

Letting random Tiger Style bunny grind on you: CHECK

One of the yes men Making it Rain: CHECK

Part of the entourage pouring out some liquor on the dance floor: CHECK

I say Kemba Walker is fully prepared to be an NBA player wouldn’t you?

Kemba — along with fellow draftees Marcus and Markieff Morris, and Milwaukee Bucks star Brandon Jennings — hit up Greenhouse in New York City on Thursday night, where Cardiac Kemba enjoyed the affections of the lovely blonde while drinking massive bottles of champagne, and someone — didn’t appear to be Kemba — made it rain.

They are just kids, don’t want to rain on their parade so to speak.  Just be careful, make sure you have a driver if you are drinking, if you want to break lamps with a groupie wrap it up and attempt to make sure she isn’t a Kat Stacks type.

Watch out for your “yes men” and “entourage” as they are the ones that normally start trouble (TAKE THE FADE!!!) and if you need some consultation or a damage control adviser email me.

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  • Is that a man or a woman dancing wit him? If its a woman thas a BIG bitch

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