Video: Lebron James’ Game 4 PreGame Pep Talk .. Are You Motivated??


Lebron isn’t playing badly in the NBA Finals, but he isn’t playing at the level we expect from Lebron.

He needs to be very careful, because if the Heat lose the Finals, I don’t think he will be ready for the onslaught of slander he is going to receive.

Chris Bosh has hit a game winner and D Wade is carrying the Heat offensively, the only player not to have a signature game is Lebron.


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I am not going to overreact or overlook that he is doing other things well, but at the end of the day he is LEBRON JAMES and he needs to do more.

Michael Jordan said when a series is 2-2, Game 5 on the road showed who wanted it more, who were the real killers. Game 5 has to be Lebron’s game or the doubt will start to creep in and the critics will start to get louder.

With that being said Lebron should never ever be allowed to do a pregame pep talk again. It sounds like something out of a Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller movie.


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