Video: Pat Riley Gives the Death Stare to Erik Spoelstra

There were people after the Heat game 2 collapse calling for Erik Spoelstra to be fired……


I can not respect your sports acumen if you do not respect the job Coach Spo has done with the Heat.  The fact that he got the Heat to the playoffs the last two seasons with subpar squads lets me know that he can coach.

Then he is put in an impossible situation.

People always say this about Phil Jackson.

“He had Jordan, Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, I could win titles with those players.”

Combined those players have 21 rings, you know many they have gotten without Phil as the coach?


Shaq got his ring in Miami and guess who was the coach?

Pat Riley

The same Riley who coach Magic and Kareem and in the video is burning a laser in the back of Coach Spo’s neck.  It is hard to manage superstars especially in the new age media era. It is hard when someone of Riley’s stature standing behind you literally and figuratively.

Coach Spo is dealing with two of the biggest egos on the planet, a sensitive Avatar and a bunch of hurt, inept, limited or old role players.

He has them two games from a championship and win or lose he has done an outstanding job and deserves respect for that.

9 thoughts on “Video: Pat Riley Gives the Death Stare to Erik Spoelstra

  • Spo’s definitely done a good job. I can’t stand these armchair basketball coaches who think they can do a better job. They can’t. But of course they have the power of hindsight on their side, so they can say..”well I would’ve done this this and this differently.” No you wouldn’t have because nobody would trust you to run a basketball team of this caliber. I think it’s a shame that this guy catches so much HEAT (HAHA GET IT) because from what I’ve seen, he is doing a great job with the tools he has at hand. And if the team fails, it’s not completely on the coach in this case.

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