Video: Rick Carlisle Hits Jason Whitlock With The “Next Question”


It appeared Whitlock was trying to give Rick Carlisle a compliment or just fishing to get him to say something to inspire another Lebron pregame speech.

Either way Carlisle answered the question and when Whitlock persisted he hit him with the.

“Who is this guy?”

and a Rosenhaus style.

“Next Question”

Why is Whitlock sitting in the chair like it is a recliner? That would have been my reply back to him. In the world of new age media the reporters and writers think they are as big of stars as the players.

Whitlock who ironically blasted Gregg Doyel for being a Skip Bayless clone when he is himself is the Black Skip Bayless is funny to me.

I am sure he was just in Dallas for the post game spread, could care less about the game.

H/T @SportsMediaWorld


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