Video: Shane Mosley BEGGING Corner to Throw in the Towel Against Pacquiao

I like Shane Mosley, he is one of the nicest athletes I have ever met. Always has a smile on his face and never turns anyone down for an interview or picture.

With that being said as a fighter I lost a lot of respect for him during the Manny Pacquiao fight.

No one was thrilled that he got the shot against Pacquiao, but most of us figured that he would go out on his shield, but instead he cowered and ran in fear for the majority of time he was in the ring.

For people paying $55 on PPV and all the people who paid for flights, hotels and tickets to the fight it was an embarrassment.

Video footage has come out of Shane trying to quit on his stool even though he wasn’t visibly hurt.  It is definitely another slap in the face of fans who were hoping for a competitive fight.  He wanted to pack it in and collect his check, truly pathetic.

Thank goodness for Naazim Richardson who basically told Mosley to “stop complaining” and forced him to finish fight. If Mosley ever gets another big money fight, trust me I won’t be watching, I already know the outcome.

I bet his girlfriend Bella Gonzalez dreams of Manny Pacquiao or Clubber Lang.

10 thoughts on “Video: Shane Mosley BEGGING Corner to Throw in the Towel Against Pacquiao

  • I wonder if someone put something in Shane’s water or his food? Seems unlikely of Shane Mosley to go on the defensive w/o providing a offense. Especially in a big fight.

    Maybe his new girlfriend Bella sucked all the fight out of him! What a hot tamale! If she was in the ring w/Shane he would have had a better chance against the Pacman.

    Shane could use her as a distraction in one corner bending over wiping up the water and Kapow! Kabang! Shezam! Pac goes down, but gets up at the 8 count. He’s wobbly, but jabs his way out of the corner.

    Bella bends over again to pick up the water bucket. Pacman gets distracted for a millisecond and Shane unloads a quick double jab, straight right to the jaw and a solid left hook and down goes Pac. Pac struggles to get up at the 8 count, but the referee waives it off. As the Pacman eyes are glassy and unresponsive. Shane wins by 2nd round TKO!

    Pacman later with eyes still glassy, says he was distracted by that fine ass, lost his concentration momentarily, and couldn’t recover from Shane’s clean shots to the chin. And gives Bella all the credit for an incredible fight plan.

    Shane agreed wholeheartedly, and was happy to have won the championship and at the same time having one sexy fight manager and girlfriend he can take home and bang! Wow what a lucky dude! Win or lose!

  • I might pay $55 to watch Bella fight…anyone? Or bake a cake in one of those dental floss outfits!

    I wonder if she and Shane did the good deed the night before the fight? And drained him of all his pent up training aggression and lackluster performance during the fight?

    If she was my girlfriend I would be listless after banging her for hours on end! Shane you lucky bastard!

    I don’t know about those 3 belts to your ex-wife though?

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