Video: Shaq & Hoopz Attend a Taylor Swift Concert

A lot of people were speculating what Shaq would do once he officially retired.

Become a Sheriff.

Take Magic Johnson’s job at ESPN (Please make this happen).

Spend more time with his kids (Shaunie emailed me that one).

Make Steel 2.

Naw, the first thing that Shaq and his lovely lady Hoopz (or Nicole as he calls her) decided to do was check out a Taylor Swift concert.


Picture 5 of 5 has the details.

I suppose Shaq is enjoying his new found freedom, as he & Hoopz were spotted over the weekend at the Orlando stop of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour.

As the couple already have a poster of the country singer in their home, they were quite excited to witness a live performance. Click HERE to check out a video of the two enjoying themselves in the audience!

Kanye West does not approve of this post.


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