Video: Skip Bayless Has Lost Faith in White Basketball Players

In our politically correct society at times we like to tip toe around things especially in regards to race. While most of the time Skip Bayless is talking loud and saying nothing, I appreciate his honesty on this topic.  Video courtesy of the Sports Grid.

You know things are bad when white people are claiming Dirk Nowitzki as the Great White Hope.  There just isn’t a lot of American Born white superstars in the NBA. Nothing racially motivated about that, it is just the truth.

I think the league not for racial issues, but money issues would love for another Larry Bird, but it wasn’t like Larry Bird was just some run of the mill player, he was LARRY BIRD.

What I don’t like is when a white player in any sport is just compared to white players.  You will hear constantly today Jimmer Fredette name mentioned with Steve Kerr, John Paxson and Mark Price.

In reality Jimmer if he maxed out his talent would be more like Ben Gordan or on the low end Eddie House.

If Jimmer was black would there be so many questions?  Maybe not, but because he is white is that the reason he is getting so much hype?

In the end doesn’t matter if you white, black or Avatar, if you can ball, you can ball and you can only prove it on the court.

4 thoughts on “Video: Skip Bayless Has Lost Faith in White Basketball Players

  • I don’t agree about the “if Jimmer were black…blah, blah, blah” talk. If he were black, there would be serious questions about why he played in the Mountain West Conference in the first place. Not to mention, how many black players do you know that, according to scouts, lack athleticsm and lateral quickness, don’t play defense, and can shoot the lights out? In all honesty, plenty. Rashard Anderson from UConn is the first one that comes to mind because my lil bro played against him, but they are flashes in the pan. The question actually begs, if these players were white, wouldn’t they get more of a look? I believe Jimmer is getting this hype because he’s white, not in spite of.

    • uh, jimmer hits 3 pointers from basically half court with ease in huge situation he is explosive off the dribble as well, I am from connecticut and watch uconn family went to college there as did I, anderson and jimmer are not similiar in any way

  • People like Jimmer because he is a bible thumper from the suburbs. Who elese do white NBA and NFL fans have to root for????

    Jimmer = Tebow. The next great white hype.

    I’m White BTW….

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