Vince Young a Possibility for the Miami Dolphins

From everything I can gather there isn’t a lot of interest in Vince Young.  More interest around the league in Kevin Kolb, Marc Bulger and even Donovan McNabb.

The teams that maybe interested, want him more for a backup role or to compete for a starting position.  The Dolphins appear to be one of those teams. has the details.

The Titans are expected to release Young soon after the league year begins, and Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that an associate of Young’s said the Dolphins would be appealing to him, and Young is not out of the question for Miami.

However, there are a couple of caveats: The Dolphins are apparently concerned that if Young were to sign and then lose a quarterback competition with Henne, he’d quickly become an unhappy camper. And Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland has said that he doesn’t want to bring in a quarterback unless he has no questions about that quarterback’s accountability and dependability. Those haven’t exactly been Young’s strongest traits during his NFL career.

I think Vince Young has the talent, but does he have the motivation?  Is he being unfairly typecast or did he bring this on himself?

He will get an opportunity somewhere, but it will be up to him to prove his detractors wrong.

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