Why is Antony Weiner Being Treated Differently Than Brett Favre?

Anthony Weiner is poised to resign today after getting caught with his pants down. And a camera phone in his hand. And a picture posted on Twitter. Outrage! Disgust! How could he?!?! Ummm….What?

I’m going to go ahead and state the obvious here. I’m in the minority. I didn’t care when Clinton and the cigar met Ms. Lewinsky. I didn’t care when David Vitter found a prostitute, I don’t care about foot tapping in a bathroom and I don’t care about steamy text messages. But they’re married!! To me? See my point?

Social media, the evolution of smart phones and text messaging are the best and worst things to happen to the famous. It allows celebs (and that’s a loosely used term today) to seem more approachable; however it allows celebs to, well….seem more approachable. It also allows those in the public eye to do the approaching.

Brett Favre got into a little hot water last year after texting pictures of “himself” to a New York Jets staffer. Greg Odom suffered from a little negative publicity after pictures of little Odom hit the Internet. George Hill’s molehill got turned into a mountain when his naked pictures leaked. And yet water is still wet, the sky is still blue, roses are red and I still love shoes too. It changes nothing. They didn’t lose their jobs and they weren’t forced to resign. Before anyone gets their moral panties in a bunch, I get that athletes and politicians aren’t the same. One holds a much more important role in the world. Trick question: Which one is more important? Bet your kids could tell you. But I digress…..

We’ve lost sight of what’s important and that’s YOUR home, YOUR family and YOUR life. I truly care not with whom you sleep with as long as you say good morning when I see you. Why are we so obsessed with what’s happening in other people’s bedrooms? If Weiner wants to waggle his weiner so be it. If Favre wants to flash his favorite so be it. If Odom wants to out his outtie so be it. At the end of the day their lives shouldn’t be so important to you.

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  • OMG Johnette’ beautiful!

  • Good point!I don’t care if they show their peepee’s either.

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