2011 Hall of Fame Ceremony Will Make Cris Carter Three Ceremonies Past Due

It’s that time of year again where yellow jackets are passed out and bronzed busts are unveiled.  We’re on the brink of the 2011 NFL Hall of Fame ceremony centering around three of the most boisterous personalities the game has seen in Shannon Sharpe, Marshall Faulk, and Deion Sanders.

While watching and listening to hall inductees has become a joyous sometime tear jerking moment, for some it serves as a reminder that there are some more than deserving players who still wait.  Cris Carter immediately jumps out as one of those players if not the most deserving.

While Jerry Rice is the consensus best wide receiver ever, most view Cris Carter as the runner up along with having the best hands ever.  Further validating his case for enshrinement is that upon retirement, Carter finished second to Rice in receptions and touchdowns by a receiver.  Although he’s since been passed in both categories, Carter is still widely viewed as the second best to ever run a route.  So the question that begs to be asked is, “Why hasn’t Cris Carter been inducted yet?”

The fact that Carter’s case to be enshrined has labored on for three years is enough in itself to question the selection process.  What would be the reason for prolonging the inevitable?

Could it be Carter’s alcohol and drug abuse problems in Philadelphia that he rebounded from.  I would hope not seeing as to life is full of second chances and Carter actually made something of his.

Has the void of a Super Bowl appearance hindered Carter’s chances?

To that I say, football is a team sport and the hall of fame is an individual recognition.  As an individual, Carter stands amongst the greats and it’s high time he be recognized as such.


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