2011 MLB All-Star Game Ratings Set New Record Low


Word is, the 2011 MLB All-Star Game received a record-low rating for this year’s event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Then again, who cares?

Personally, I didn’t watch the game. Not a single inning. Not a single pitch. As a baseball fan, I follow the Atlanta Braves. I was aware that Braves catcher, Brian McCann, was going to start the game for the first time in his career, after being the MVP of last year’s event (which I also didn’t watch). Nevertheless, I found my television elsewhere when it was time for the first pitch.

The MLB All-Star Game is horribly broken and it requires immediate attention. It is still an honor to be named an All-Star, but it is clearly not the honor that it used to be. This year, there were a record 84 MLB All-Stars. This high number was a result of so many players skipping out on the event whether they needed to attend to a personal issue or an injury.

The Game is a joke. The players know it. Bud Selig knows it. Aside from the Home Run Derby and other All-Star festivities, there really is no reason to tune in. The path to fixing the MLB All-Star Game is a long and tedious one, but entirely possible.

Perhaps, we should get rid of the homefield advantage rule .. An exhibition game is simply that, an exhibition game.

Yeah, that’s a good starting point ..