Adrian Peterson Says That He Would Kiss Halle Berry’s Feet


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Everyone knows that Halle Berry is fine..

Apparently, Adrian Peterson’s infatuation with her is another level.

This past weekend, Peterson let everyone know how deeply he felt about Ms. Berry..

“I have to meet Halle Berry,” Peterson said on the red carpet. “She’s a gorgeous woman. I don’t kiss feet at all, but she has good features and her feet are one of those features. So, you know, I’d kiss her feet.”

Hopefully, Jeremy Shockey’s crystal ball doesn’t fail us and the NFL Lockout does eventually end this week, relieving Adrian Peterson of his comedic duties.

Meanwhile, someone should let the Vikings running back know that Halle Berry isn’t into athletes anymore ..

8 thoughts on “Adrian Peterson Says That He Would Kiss Halle Berry’s Feet

  • “Halle Berry isn’t into athletes anymore ..” I think she’s also not into blackmen anymore….she may be fine but she’s extreme high maintenance and a whole lot of drama……AP should keep his distance…it’s not worth it

    • I agree, she probably wouldn’t pursue a relationship with AP, but then again he just wants to meet her and kiss her feet ..

  • Games do sonic estão constantemente na voga assim como os do supermario.

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