After Lengthy Hiatus, Chris Bosh Takes His Talents Back to Twitter

Since the NBA season ended, Chris Bosh has certainly seemed like a solitary man. Between his Post-Finals breakdown and alleged marriage, there must be a lot on Bosh’s mind.

Bosh hasn’t been posting Twitter messages since November last year and broke the silence on July 1st. The Miami Heat third wheel ended his silence with the post: “November….. wow. It’s been a minute!!!!”

Maybe he’ll open up about his personal life with his wife/fiancee Adrienne Williams .. @FutureMrsBosh

Or if he’s expecting to be with a new team once the lockout ends. Because word on the street is that Pat Riley may be interested in Eddy Curry ..

Anyways, we’re waiting Chris .. Let us know .. @chrisbosh


4 thoughts on “After Lengthy Hiatus, Chris Bosh Takes His Talents Back to Twitter

  • Between his Post-Finals breakdown
    You’re OBVIOUSLY Joking Right?!!?

    That’s what you call that ALL-OUT NON-Masculine Emotionally DAMNING Display of Catastrophic Assertions of an ALREADY Questionable SUSPECT Professional Athlete ***LMAO***

    You are FAR TOO Kind (KUDOS to You Sir…)

    • As the Casey Anthony trial proves, you’re innocent till proven undoubtedly guilty.

      As with Bosh, he’s innocent of the obvious (from the flop, to the tongue-calling Alley Oop, and the **crying**)

      So until he verbally confirms his … “suspect behavior”, we stay waiting ..

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