Albert Haynesworth Fails Conditioning Test With Patriots


I have no concerns about Chad OchoCino going to the Patriots, Chad is always in shape, still one of the better wide receivers in the league and for the most part the things people criticize him about are trivial at best.

Haynesworth is a totally different situation.

He is lazy and no matter where you play if you are lazy you aren’t going to perform up to you abilities.  It is obvious during the lockout that Haynesworth hasn’t been getting ready to play games, he has just be spending the Redskins money at the buffet.

A year after his ability to practice with the Redskins was delayed due to an inability to pass coach Mike Shanahan’s conditioning test, Haynesworth apparently has yet to pass his new coach’s test in New England.

Though (surprise, surprise) Bill Belichick isn’t elaborating, his comments are being interpreted as an indication that Haynesworth failed the conditioning test.  “He’s not quite ready to practice yet,” Belichick said Saturday, per Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

Don’t be shocked if Haynesworth is cut or not effective with the Patriots.  Belichick can’t save everyone he isn’t Jesus, that’s Tim Tebow.

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