Amir Khan Dominates Zab Judah in Route to KO Win

I like Zab Judah, not exactly sure why, but I always wanted him to succeed.

He had a ton of talent, as much talent especially in his younger days as Floyd Mayweather, but he never had the discipline.  In sports some things can’t be taught.

Michael Jordan had a lot of physical talent, but so does Vince Carter.

Anybody can be good, you have to have a special quality to be great.  I knew this was Judah’s final opportunity to be great and against my better judgment I picked him to win.

After covering sports all my life I know better to make predictions with my heart as oppose to my head.  My head knew that every single time Zab needed to step up to the plate he broke down and it was unlikely this time would be any different.

It only took one round to know that Judah was in big trouble.  Amir Khan weakness is suppose to be his chin.  Normally fighters with suspect chins are passive and defensive.  Khan was neither, he was aggressive from the start and his speed was equal to, if not better than Judah.

Judah seem to realize this and as the rounds passed and his mouth and nose became more bloody he became the more passive one and you knew it was just a matter of time before his will was taken.

If Judah would have just been knocked out the traditional way or taking his beaten over 12 rounds, people would have shrugged and moved on, but with Judah it is never that simple.

While in a clinch he was hit with at best was a borderline low blow.  In the replays I saw it looked perfectly legal on the belt line.  Zab went down in a heap and seemed not to notice the ref counting him out until the fight was over then he jumped up and complained about the low blow.

Doesn’t really matter if you think it was a low blow or not (most thought it was legal shot), Zab had plenty of time to realize he was being counted out and do something, but you know, I know and Zab knows deep down he didn’t want to continue with the fight.

Judah’s career in big time fights is probably done, he will be a stepping stone fighter for up and comers, but nothing more.  Sad really because he could have been great but will always be remember for wasted potential.

As far as Amir Khan he has the potential to be a big big star.  He has the talent, look and skill to reach a superstar level in boxing.  As long as he keeps mowing down his competition sky is the limit for him.

In the end the lesson I have learn in history is never set in stone, but normally it does repeat itself and it in Zab Judah’s case it did once again.

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  • Zab career was defined by this fight!

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