Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett Buys Pet Alligator

Is this the alligator Chad OchoCinco is suppose to be wrestling with? snag this pic of Darnell Dockett showcasing his new pet “NINO”. Next time Dockett gets pulled over by the police he should just unleash NINO on the cops.

The Alligator has a look like……..

“As soon as he takes this restraint off my mouth it is going down”.

I am begging you please END THE LOCKOUT.

4 thoughts on “Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett Buys Pet Alligator

  • as soon as that alligator takes a swipe at his son he loves so much or swallows him whole, he will know all too soon that was THE dumbest purchase ever!!!!

  • these athletes are plain dumb. They get by on life just based on there athletic ability. If that gator bites his butt then he will realize how dumb the purchase is.

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