Atlanta Hawks Zaza Pachulia Taking His Talents To Turkey Too?

It looks like the only basketball organization winning during the NBA lockout is Turkey’s.

Earlier this week news broke that Nets guard Deron Williams signed on to play for Turkish club Besiktas that would take him to Turkey but would allow him to return once the lockout end. The same club is also trying to get Kobe Bryant to jump ship and now the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Hawks backup center Zaza Pachulia could play for Turkey too during the lockout.

Pachulia, who is under contract with the Hawks for the 2011-12 and 2012-13 seasons for a total of about $10 million, said he has a “verbal agreement” to play next season for Turkish club Besiktas.

“They have interest, I have interest and we have talked about price,” Pachulia said. “It’s not official now.”

Just like Williams, Pachulia’s contract with Besiktas would immediately terminate when NBA owners and players agree on a new labor deal.

This is a good move for Pachulia. Its extra money in his pockets, more playing time, and he’ll technically be back home.

Zaza is originally from Georgia (the country) which boarders Turkey.

I wouldn’t be surprise if more reserved players like Zaza make the trip overseas to play ball. They don’t make the same money as the starters so the lockout will affect them more finically.

As a Hawks fan I am concern about Zaza possibly getting injured. Zaza is one of toughest players on the Hawks roster. Dude isn’t afraid to get in your face (ask Kevin Garnett and Jason Richardson), and he’s a good player too.

Hopefully this lockout ends sooner rather than later. If not then every player will probably be overseas and David Stern would not like that.