Auburn Is Not Ready To Give Up On Toomer Corner Trees

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Auburn University and see the Toomer Corner trees after they were poison by crazed Alabama fan Harvey Updyke in Feburary (see story here).

You can see the yellow and brown leaves and big patches of bare limbs on the trees and see that the trees are dying.

But experts say there’s still a chance the trees will be in good enough shape for Auburn football fans to roll them with toilet paper after wins this fall.

Auburn University horticulturist Gary Keever said no one is sure yet whether the trees will live or die. Fans have celebrated wins under the trees since at least the early 1970s.

“I don’t want to give a sense of false hope, but we’re not ready to say they’re definitely not going to make it,” said Keever, part of a team of experts monitoring the health of the trees and trying to save them.

A university committee is looking at alternative ways for football fans to celebrate victories this fall, Keever said, but it’s possible the trees will be healthy enough to roll. But will have to come up with a new way to remove the toilet paper once the celebration ends. High-pressure hoses that were used in the past might knock off delicate leaves, he said, but workers on cherry-pickers could remove the paper by hand without doing much damage.

This is some good new for the Auburn faithful. Although we don’t know the future of the trees, its good to know that students and fans will possibly have one more year to roll the trees after game wins.