Basketball Wives Meeka Claxton Sues Tami Roman For Assault

Meeka Claxton apparently doesn’t appreciate Tami Roman putting her hand on her. is reporting that Meeka is suing Tami over a fight that happen in Italy. Here are the details.

The ladies took a trip to Italy in May and if you recall, Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton had some sort of physical altercation in a club there. Meeka took to Twitter shortly after to deny claims that Tami punched her in the face. Apparently Meeka is now back peddling (shocker, Meeka backtracking on a statement) and has filed suit against Tami in New York.

How can you file a lawsuit in New York over something that happen in Italy???

Anyway, in the law suit Meeka said Tami “assaulted, battered, beat, threatened, menaced, attacked, jumped on, pushed to the ground, thrashed, punched, and shoved” Meeka, causing serious injury. Really Meeka? She did all of that?

I’ll admit that I don’t watch Basketball Wives. Grown women acting like high school girls just isn’t entertaining to me.

But my some of Twitter followers watch the show and they keep me updated on all the drama and according to them Meeka is a two face b*tch. My followers say she try to be friends with Evelyn and them but go behind their back and talk ish about them to Royce and her crew. Hope I got that right.

So it sounds like Meeka might have said or did something to deserve the beat down. Who knows.

All I know is that a judge will  probably give this lawsuit a side eye since Meeka was at first denying that a fight happen but is now singing a different tune.

We’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

7 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Meeka Claxton Sues Tami Roman For Assault

    • Meeka, please sue that animal for every dime she makes from the show. She was broke and on welfare before she got on the show and that is where she needs to return. Hood Rat behavior needs to stay in the Hood. The only truth that ever came out of her mouth was that Shaunie, Evelyn and Jennefer are super FAKE!

  • Tami had no business putting her hands on Meeka, Tami is a coward and a bully, she waited until Meeka wasn’t looking and hit her in the face. She need that BBW check a lot more than Meeka does!

  • Meeka deserved to get her a** whipped she ain’t nothing but a two-faced b$$ch and she shouldn’t have been talkin mess about Tami behind her back!

    • Team Tami all the way. Fuck all u hating ass Meeka fan all u bitches is stupid n really non fucking factors y’all bitches need to stay n ya’ll lane before u get your ass ran over fast. And bitch if u was watching the show from the beginning then y’all will see meeka was going to get her ass fucked up by whoever. If I was there I would of been pop off on that mess hoe. And bitches Tami did not hit that bitch when she wasn’t looking. That hoe seen that face getting hit she was looking the hole time. Messy azs bitches stay n yo lane boo boo;)

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