Bengals Cedric Benson Charged With Assault Of Family Member

It looks like crime has gone up more amongst the NFL players during the lockout than in the general public like Ray Lewis had predicted. Since the Lockout began 19 players have been arrested and charged with a crime. Now Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson has been added to that list; bringing the number to 20 arrested and three Bengals to be arrested during the lockout.

Benson was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury to a family member early Sunday morning in Central Texas.


No other details were available from the Travis County sheriff’s office regarding the Class A misdemeanor charge. Benson will be a free agent once a new collective-bargaining agreement is in place.

Benson’s latest legal trouble comes a little more than a year after an arrest involving an alleged bar fight in Texas, which didn’t result in a discipline from the NFL.

Since there are no details on what caused Benson to attack a family, I can’t really give my opinion on this incident other than Benson might have some anger issues and he is making it hard for himself to get signed by a team after the lockout ends.

But I can say that this lockout really needs to end THIS WEEK because this is ridiculous. These players need to get in camp so they can hit and slap each other around to release all of this pint up frustration or whatever other issues that they have and leave it on the field.

Although I can’t put all of the blame on the lockout for the players’ stupidity, but it does have some what of an impact. These players have too much time on their hands and they just don’t know what to do with themselves.

So to the NFL owners and the NFLPA from all of the NFL fans, please come to an agreement and END THE LOCKOUT!!

3 thoughts on “Bengals Cedric Benson Charged With Assault Of Family Member

  • So, not having a camp is an excuse for assaulting someone?

    And these are our present college idols? Pro football needs a minor league so these thugs don’t have to waste their time on education.

  • This has gone down as I expected. The narrative has gone something like “blah blah blah blah THUGS blah blah blah blah….”. Have we not learned anything from the Adam Jones story? Can we wait until we find out what actually happened before casting any judgment?

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