Boston Celtics Have Dreams of Signing Dwight Howard

There are some who believe a few NBA Owners wouldn’t mind losing an entire season.  The thinking is that they are better losing a season than caving to the players.

That is backwards thinking, but so was giving Rashard Lewis a max contract.

The Celtics know they don’t have a chance at Howard via trade, but if the season is lost………….

If the Orlando Magic can’t re-sign him at some point during the 2011-2012 season, they will surely trade him to the highest bidder.

And the Celtics don’t have enough attractive chips to be a real player in the Howard sweepstakes.

But if there’s no 2011-2012 season, that is what we would call a game-changer in the pursuit of Howard.

He could terminate his contract and thus become a free agent next summer.

This would rob the Magic of having an opportunity to move him and get something in return this upcoming season. They could still do that if Howard were to agree to be moved via sign-and-trade next summer. But if he’s interested in joining the C’s, it’s highly unlikely that the Celtics will have enough pieces that they would be willing to part with, or that the Magic would be interested in having.

Once a free agent, it would then be up to Howard to pick the team that he feels will 1) give him the max-salary contract that he deserves and 2) can give him the best chance at winning a championship.

I doubt that this dream scenario happens for Celtics.

Nothing has changed in regards with Howard unless the Magic bring in CP3 or Deron Williams HE IS GONE!!! Just not to the Celtics.

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