Broncos DJ Williams Calls Out… Tiki Barber?

Seemingly out of the blue, Denver Broncos Linebacker DJ Williams took to Twitter to call out Tiki Barber, who is attempting a comeback after 4 years out of the league.

Don’t really know why Williams would call out Tiki, maybe he has beef with Ronde and thought it was him or he is a fan of Good Morning America. One thing is to say you look forward to lining up against the guy, it is a completely different thing to say “bring ya as back and get ya shyt busted!”

Whatever the reason, you can be sure we will venture to find out if there is anything deeper to this story or if it just a case of lockout boredom.

2 thoughts on “Broncos DJ Williams Calls Out… Tiki Barber?

  • he better back those words up if they face off during the season…..i mean if there is a season…lol

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