Bucks Brandon Jennings Scores 81 Points In Charity Game


Michael Jordan once had it written into his contract that for his love of the game that he be allowed to play basketball whenever and wherever.  Surely he wasn’t the first and you can go to your local rec center or charity game to see he wasn’t the last.

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks love of the game has led him on a cross country onslaught of charity games and pro-am leagues alike.  What makes Jennings any different from any other pro playing in a summer game you ask…well Jennings is the first on record to score 81 points.  Ahem, 81 points in four 10 minute quarters that is.  Charity game or not, that’s sick.  Making it all the more impressive is he scored 51 points the day before in.

Here are some clips of Jennings summer exploits:

Looks awfully familiar to the high school and first half of his rookie season Brandon Jennings that showed star potential.  Judging from these clips, I think he’s recovered from the injury that hindered him last season quite fine.

Wonder what Teyana Taylor thinks of this.


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