Caddie Steve Williams Speaks on Abrupt Split From Tiger Woods

Recently, we got word that Tiger Woods has let go of his longtime caddie Steve Williams.

Mr. Williams has got his chance to talk back, and apparently he was spontaneously fired by Woods and is obviously upset.

He released a lengthy statement on his website and in an interview with Television New Zealand he had the following words to say:

“You could say I’ve wasted the last two years of my life. I’ve stuck with Tiger and been incredibly loyal. I’m not disappointed I’ve been fired — that’s part of the job — but the timing is extraordinary.”

If I were Williams, I would feel the same exact way. Considering that he stood behind Woods during his scandal, the timing of the firing is bizzare. It’s kinda like giving a lot in a relationship and getting nothing back in return. However, we don’t know the reasoning behind Woods’ decision as more details should eventually come out ..

So we wait ..


6 thoughts on “Caddie Steve Williams Speaks on Abrupt Split From Tiger Woods

  • If I’m not mistaken Williams was PAID to be Tiger’s caddie, he didn’t do it for free. Woods no longer wanted his services so whats the problem. Williams seems bitter & angry but Tiger didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Williams stood by TW during the scandal because Tiger was his meal ticket. Williams made over 10 millions caddying for TW. What was he going to do, leave Tiger? He knew there is no way he’s gonna make that kind of money anymore and that’s the reason he’s so pissed.

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