Can Zab Judah Finally Win a Major Fight Against Amir Khan?


Zab Judah is the Vince Carter of boxing.

Ton of talent, but he didn’t have that fire.  He thought he was a “King” before he had a crown (sounds familiar).  Like a lot of boxers he was caught up in the trappings of the “life” and wasn’t as dedicated to his craft as he should have been.

Which lead to this.

He has never been the same and for the most part in his biggest fights he has come up short or has been upset in fights he was favored in.

After hitting rock bottom, he says that he has rededicated himself thanks to a renewed faith in God.  When Timothy Bradley punked out on fighting Amir Khan, Judah was presented with a golden and maybe his final opportunity to live up to the expectations he had when he was hanging out with Jay Z.

Judah bowed down to all of Khan’s demands, because he knows this is it.

If he beats Khan the big money will come his way, if he loses, he keeps his title of the guy who can’t win the big one.

On July 23rd we will find out.


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